Study Guide – January 23, 2022  |  Download

Our mission and vision at Southbridge Fellowship is simple...

We are passionate about connecting people to Jesus for life change.

This passion motivates us to pursue encounters with the living God, equip one another to love and serve,
and to engage our world for Jesus.

We desire for every person in the Raleigh-Durham area to have an opportunity to respond to the message of Jesus Christ. We believe the church is the primary vehicle to carry out the mission of Jesus and to redeem people back to Himself.


• Life change happens when we encounter the living God.
• A genuine encounter with God happens when we see Him accurately and respond appropriately.
• This means every time we gather, we pursue the presence of the One who formed us, pursues us, redeems us,
and loves us unconditionally.


• We are created for a purpose and we are committed to equipping one another to fulfill that purpose. 
• This means we learn together. This means we are disciples making disciples, encouraging one another to love
and serve those around us. 
• This means we celebrate the process and we remember that we are all in need of a Savior everyday.


• Every follower of Jesus has a mission and an opportunity to make an impact daily. 
• This means we are not consumers, but doers who pursue opportunities to engage others
with the life-changing message of Jesus. 
• This means we own our impact and that the love of Jesus compels us to live engaged on mission together.