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Our next Southbridge Serves Weekend is locked in for November 22nd and 23rd.

Mark your calendars and make plans to join us as we love our city.

Service opportunities are below. Click to sign up. 

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Saturday, November 23rd - 9AM to 12:30PM - Click here to sign up

Our team will be offering childcare for single parents and providing them with a gift card for Walmart so that they can go shopping for Christmas or Thanksgiving needs. We will be serving lunch to them and their children upon return for a time of fellowship and encouragement.

Transportation to/from the church may be needed as well as to/from Walmart.

The participating parents are from the current and past roster of "partnering parents" with Safe Families for Children of Wake County. This is a new partnership for Southbridge and this will be our first SBS with SFFC.

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Friday, November 22nd - 12PM to 3PM, Saturday, November 23rd - 9AM to 11:30AM - Click here to sign up

Volunteers ages 15 and older can serve at Hope Reins on Friday in helping the Hope Reins Ranch Manager and his team to clear leaves from the pasture, stain the fencing, and assist with the dock removal. Volunteers of ANY age can serve at Hope Reins on Saturday in helping with barn chores, bringing hay down for the horses, getting leaves out of the pastures, staining the fencing, and decorating the ranch for Christmas.

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Saturday, November 23rd - 9:30AM- 12PM  - Click here to sign up

We will putting together mommy bags and light work in the flower beds (planting pansies and light mulching). We will also be collecting donations for the mommy bags (list to follow).

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Saturday, November 23rd - 8AM to 12PM - Click here to sign up

Our primary focus will be helping with literacy games, to promote reading to the students of Bethesda, because this is the foundation of learning. The lessons and materials will be provided by the school, so you will not need to prepare anything ahead of time or bring anything. When we arrive, the principal, Dr. Shaneeka Moore-Lawrence, will give us an orientation of what we will be doing for the day and a tour of the school.

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Saturday, November 23rd - 7AM to 7PM - Click here to sign up

Despite hurricane Florence occurring over a year ago, there is still a need for assistance from those in Eastern NC. We will help those impacted by Hurricane Florence in the Duplin county area of North Carolina. We will most likely be working in the town of Warsaw. We will handle one of two projects - depending on the need. We will either assist in the rebuild efforts of a home damaged by the hurricane or we will help tear out the remaining damage from the hurricane.


Saturday, November 23rd - 11AM to 1PM - Click here to sign up

We will be helping collect donations, stock shelves, hang and pull clothing, and make the thrift store a great place for the public to shop.